Conner’s Bridals at the Lumen Room

Studio: The Lumen Room

Conner’s bridal photoshoot at The Lumen Room in Dallas, Texas, was truly special and filled with meaningful details. The Lumen Room’s bright, minimalist airy space provided the perfect backdrop to capture Conner’s joy and beauty!

One of the most touching elements of Conner’s bridal look was her veil. This was no ordinary veil; it held deep sentimental value and a beautiful family story. Conner’s grandmother had lovingly sewn pieces of Conner’s mother’s wedding dress into the veil. This dress was initially made by Conner’s grandmother for her own daughter’s wedding, making it a cherished family heirloom. By incorporating these pieces, Conner’s grandmother created a unique and heartfelt connection between generations.

This thoughtful addition to Conner’s bridal look not only added a unique personal touch but also carried a legacy of love and tradition. It was a tangible reminder that as Conner embarked on this new chapter of her life, she was carrying the love and memories of her family with her. The veil, with its woven history, symbolizes the continuity of love and family. It serves as a beautiful reminder that the love and craftsmanship of the past can enrich the present and future.

Through these photos, we see not just a bride, but a woman surrounded by love, tradition, and the strength of family bonds. On June 1st, she said I do to the love of her life in Fort Worth, Texas! Congratulations to Mrs. Quinn!

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