A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is the grand finale of all your hard work and dedication to planning this grand event, that will be filled with love and promises for tomorrow. Among all the decisions to make, picking the right photographer is key. These photos will be carried on for generations to come and be a constant reminder of where your marriage began, so let’s dive into a guide to help you nail down the perfect photographer for your big day.

  1. Style Matters:
    Before jumping into the photographer hunt, figure out what type of photography style you love. Are you dreaming artsy charm, bright and airy, traditional and timeless or dark and moody? Knowing the vibe you love is key to finding the right photographer who clicks with your vision. Notice the styles you are most drawn to and go from there!
  2. Portfolio Deep Dive:
    Now, that you’ve determined the style you like… Take a deeper dive into different photographer’s that have the style you love. Look for a consistent style and experience in shooting weddings.
  3. Consultations:
    Schedule calls to chat about your vision, wedding details, and most of all to get to know who is behind the camera! Consider asking about their shooting style, turn around time, how they shoot during wedding day, backup plans, number of photos delivered, and their collection prices.
  4. Experience Counts:
    Dig into the photographer’s background and wedding experience. A seasoned pro not only knows their camera stuff but can also capture those fleeting magical moments on your big day, deal with difficult family members, and help you with the little things along the way. Be sure you find someone who can go with the flow and be up for anything that comes their way.
  5. Personality Match:
    Since your photographer will be your shadow on the wedding day, choose someone whose vibe clicks with yours. They should be friendly, professional, and make you feel comfy in front of the lens. A good connection = natural, authentic photos. Keep in mind, you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than your fiance, you want it to be someone you love!
  6. Reviews Matter:
    Check out reviews from past clients to get the inside scoop on the photographer’s professionalism and quality of work.
  7. Sort Out Details:
    Before sealing the deal, iron out logistics like coverage hours, photo delivery timeline, and extra services. Discuss pricing upfront and customize packages to fit your budget and needs.
  8. Follow Your Gut:
    Trust your instincts when picking a wedding photographer. If you feel a spark with a certain photographer and believe they can capture your love story beautifully, go for it. These photos are your forever memories, so focus on quality and connection.
  9. Pricing:
    Remember, photography is an investment and one of the only things you get to carry with you from your wedding day. It is so important to know…You get what you pay for, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. This is so important to remember when booking all wedding vendors.
  10. Book ASAP:
    Photographers book up fast, especially during fall wedding season. Once you’ve found the one, sign that contract and drop a deposit to secure your date.

In a nutshell, finding the perfect wedding photographer is all about style, experience, someone you will work well with, and budget. Follow these steps and trust your gut to find the perfect match to capture the enchantment of your special day. Here’s to unforgettable memories and photos that will last a lifetime!

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