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Sarah Dockery
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In August of 2015, I decided I wanted to start blogging my adventures and sharing stories through photography. I wanted a name for this blog that encompassed the passion behind it, so the brainstorming began. I thought for weeks about various names trying to find one that would be the perfect fit to describe my work. I wanted to incorporate my love for adventure and my goal to always push myself beyond my limits, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly.

One day, October 15th actually... it hit me “DareToAim.”

What's the meaning? Let me explain... I wanted to emphasize how I am trying to live above what is comfortable. I wanted to “Dare” myself to be myself and "Dare" myself to do more than I could ever believe to be possible. I wanted a name to remind myself that I can accomplish any and every goal I “Aim” toward. There is no space between the words and that is because I don’t want anything to get in between myself, my dreams and the life I aspire to live. When taking photos, you have to “Aim” at what you want to capture. I am a firm believer, life is the same way.

DareToAim quickly became more than I ever envisioned it would be. As I remind myself of what "DareToAim" means, it is evident this phrase is what got me to where I am today.

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