I want the absolute best for my clients. Once you’ve booked with me, I become yours and you become mine! I will officially be part of your forever story & your new pal. I am committed to giving you the best experience possible. I want to experience all the moments with you. The more I know you, the better our experience will be. My clients aren’t just clients, they are my friends…so let’s be friends! 

If you are just looking for a photographer to show up and not be your best friend & hype woman... To be honest, I probably won't be the best fit or if you're just shopping around trying to find the cheapest photographer, you probably won't value what I have to offer. Which is cool, because let's be real,

to cherish now

and always

I want you to find the photographer that best meets your needs and is a perfect fit for you! But I want to be more than just another vendor added to the list. I want to be there along the way to capture who you really are and tell your story completely & timelessly. 

I aim to make our time together as relaxing and fun, even though I know you'll think that you're "so awkward in front of a camera". By the end of it you won't even notice there's a camera & I promise you aren't as awkward as you think you will be!
Come with an open heart and mind and everything will be just fine! I can't wait to meet you!
Love, Sarah

What gear do you use? 

I have 2 Canon 5D Mark IV’s on me at all times on a wedding day in case one of them has an issue. I shoot primarily with prime lenses for artistic purposes, my go to lens is my 35mm or 50mm. I use flash indoors when necessary with a speedlight on my camera. For editing, I use both Photoshop and Lightroom on a MacBook Pro. I store all of my files on SSD drives.


Do you travel?

YES!!!! I love to travel and capture moments in new locations. I will be on the first plane to see you if you ask me to! I travel all over Texas regularly. Seriously, traveling is my thing and I believe in traveling to capture your story in a location that is the most important to you!


what is your photography style?

My style is described as vibrant, colorful and traditional, yet timeless. My work is inspired by love, color, and nature. I thrive off capturing joyful and candid moments, along with classic posed portraits. I love learning what details matter most to my clients and telling their unique story. 


will you help me pose?

Absolutely!! It is part of my job as a photographer to help you feel comfortable and put you in positions that will make you look your best. I will guide you the entire time so you know you look AWESOME and don't feel awkward. I like to direct my clients into natural moments and things to do that will keep the mood light and fun. I am also down for you to bring your favorite booze, music, pup or anything that feels like YOU!


do you include the RAW photos or hard-copies?

I do not! I understand that in the earlier days of film photography, the "negatives" or hard copies were sometimes sold or given to clients. However, in the age of digital photography, I deliver every great photo that is in focus. My goal is to capture every moment and give you a fully documented story for the day. Also, my editing style is part of my process and for that reason, I ask that my clients do not altar or edit the photos I deliver. It's part of my artistic vision to edit in my own style. 


When will we get our photos?

I will personally view each and every frame captured during our time together. During this process, I handpick the best images and I will edit each photograph that adds value to the story. I do eliminate test shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. Please understand it takes time to go through hours of photographs and because I travel for 50% of my work and have fluctuations with my work schedule, it will take up to 3 weeks for portrait sessions and up to 8 weeks of creative time to complete your wedding gallery. My contract states during the busy months (September-January) galleries deliveries may take up to 10 weeks. I love to provide sneak preview galleries though, so don't worry! The full gallery will be worth the wait!


How will i receive my photographs? 

You will receive an online gallery of high-resolution edited images! These images will be hand picked for your wedding gallery by me as well as professionally edited.
 With the online gallery, you will be able to purchase prints, canvas and albums and have your order delivered straight to your door! Keepsake USB drives can be added to any package.


Do you have insurance? Can you provide my venue with a CERTIFICATE of your insurance?

YES! 100% YES!
I do request if your venue requires a certificate of my insurance that you let me know at least 3 months in advance. It does take time for my insurance company to process the document. Please feel free to put your venue/coordinator in contact with me and we can work out those details (each venue has different requirements!)


how do you back up your photos?

This is SUCH an important question. Every photographer should be backing up your photos and files in no fewer than 3 safe places. I shoot on dual memory cards so even if 1 card gets corrupted on the wedding day, I have a second memory card that mirrors the first. I back up all files on to my SSD drives and a cloud based system. I also keep your files safe on my memory cards until your gallery is delivered.


how long have you been a photographer?

I have loved cameras for as long as I can remember. After traveling to South African and falling in love capturing moments to share with others, I started DareToAim in 2015 as a photojournalist nature/wildlife blog. I have been capturing moments of other humans since 2016. During my time at Texas A&M, I studied communications where I learned the art of communicating through photography. I have roughly 23 hours of college knowledge regarding photography, Photoshop and Lightroom. I make it my mission to always continue to expanding my education by attending workshops and upgrading my gear so that I always have the most up-to-date technology and techniques.


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